New Beginnings

New Beginnings

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This New Year, Make some place for the old.

“New Beginnings”

The sound of the term ‘beginning’ can tranquillize the worst of the negatives. A mention of it can trickle feels of joy, triumph & optimism down from head to toe. But why, in reality, are beginnings so glorified? What about it can induce the most apathetic & uninspired?

Let’s break this bit by bit. The beginning of something allows you to undo the wrongs of the previous one & start anew. A tide of opportunities & possibilities begin to flood in enlivening the buried will power in you. New beginnings bring the sky to you as the limit & a clean slate to you as the rule book.

The end of each year is always considered to be the most promising time to invest into some change, into some betterment. However, New beginnings don’t have to be limited to time or places. More often, they come from within- from one’s own mind. Similarly, Beginnings don’t have to essentially be life events. Simple, day-to-day routine elements can also result in the beginning of something new. A new camera for a photographer, a reunion with a long lost friend, a new house for a married woman – all of these signify a new beginning & all of these can result in a reasonable amount of change in one’s life.

However, as popularly believed, beginnings do not have to essentially come from the end of something. Changing times have time & again proven that the novelty of new cannot overpower the beauty of the old. New beginnings are sweet but the lessons of the old always make it sweeter. Just as we embark on the new journey this year, let’s vow to carry the good bits of the past & nurture them on our new journey.

This new year, throw away your regrets, jot down your happiness goals, take some time to feed your passion, love what you do, do what you love & shoulder the best of the old with you as you make your way towards a “New Beginning.”

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