A Happy Life

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The secret to a happy life

“As you sow so shall you reap”

The first festival of the year, ‘Makar Sankranti’ marks the beginning of auspicious times in the Indian Culture. Astrologically, it marks the transition of Sun towards Capricorn. This is the day winter officially ends and spring begins – a transition symbolic of discarding the previous season’s bad and the beginning of a fresh new season. From this day begins the six-month long Uttarayana, considered very promising for all endeavors. With distinct names & cultures, it is celebrated with great fanfare across the country.

It is popularly brought in by preparing, devouring & distributing sweets. The sweets, typically made of sesame seeds, are exchanged all over to let go of differences & to inculcate love & togetherness.

The Makar Sankranti festival is also known and referred to as the harvest festival. Since this time signifies the completion of harvest, it denotes reaping benefits of whatever was sown the previous year, thus being one of the most substantial lessons the festival stands for. The phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap” stands true to its literal meaning. It implies that seeds of grass will reap crops of grass. Seeds that are healthy will produce a good crop. Our deeds & actions work in a similar fashion. Whatever we say, do comes back to us in some way or the other. Law of Karma states that if a person is sowing seeds of happiness through kindness, his deeds are sure to reap him fruits of happiness. The festival re-establishes the truthfulness of phrase as the harvest reaps out the best fruits for the best seeds & rewards the ones who worked sincerely & whole heartedly for their efforts.

Although we often acknowledge or blame our destiny for our successes & failures, we ourselves determine our fate with our deeds. Love given transports all the way back. It solely depends on us – whether we choose to plant courage or fear, love or hate, inspiration or depression. The secret to a happy life has always been out in the open – Do good & good will come to you.

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