All it takes is a “Thank You”

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Our earliest memory of a “thank you” would be that of our mother cajoling us to thank everyone who gave us a chocolate to bribe our sweet tooth. Little did we know back then that thanking was beyond just “good manners”- it was recognizing & appreciating the good. An act of kindness done towards you is sure to fill you up with compassion. Thanking someone not only empowers the act of kindness & but also gratifies the spirit & prolongs the life of goodness.

“Thank You” can be incredibly strong words, especially if the person you’re thanking really needs to hear them. World over, we have countless cultures, sub-cultures, religions, languages- the lifestyle of one country completely contradicting that of another. In a stage of such diversity, there’s one thing that’s recognized & unanimously followed by billions – the act of “thanking”. If we look around, we’ll be surprised to find out that we’ve more things to be thankful for than we think. Let’s take this very minute as the case. Mustn’t we all be grateful for having a sight to be able to read this? A mind that can process all the information? It is these little bits of blissfulness that need to be appreciated. Thanking your mother for dishing out your favorite meals, your siblings for sharing their belongings, the gentleman on the road for sharing his umbrella, the sweet lady in the cake shop for adding an extra muffin, the cabbie who drove you back safe in the night & countless others is all it takes to appreciate the unending kindness & touch all those who go that extra mile.

However, that’s not all. Thanking isn’t an “only-external” process. It starts from within. So appreciate yourself for staying strong through all the downs, for having the nerve to do something beyond your comfort zone, for picking your bits through the broken days, for treading the road of kindness, for sacrificing your desires for someone’s betterment & most importantly for keeping the show on.

Let’s pledge to maintain a gratitude log & pen down all the little things we’re thankful for & let’s make all our little blessings immortal.

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