“Live in the moment”

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Live in the moment

I woke up that morning feeling a little different, the good kind of different. Excitement, anticipation & impatience flowing within me –“Is it normal to feel like that at 40?” – I asked myself. That Sunday was unusually long. How would it not be? It was my friend’s 40th Birthday & I was going to meet all my childhood friends after years. The hours became longer as the day progressed.  The clock ticked at 7 PM and I jumped out of the sofa to get set for the night. The party was a reunion of sorts. It had been 10 long years since I’d seen all of them. All the memories started gushing in & I wondered to myself, how we all lived in the moment back in those years. With a smile on my face, I convinced myself to be the same old kid that night. I left my place a little before time as waiting any longer felt difficult. I arrived at the spot to find only two of them out of eleven. Some were stuck with work. Some with wives & some with bosses! They were all arriving, I was told. Meanwhile, we broke into a conversation. Ten minutes into it, all three of us, including me, were glued to our phones- I was tagged in a check-in by one of them, one live tweeted the restaurant about how good the ambience was & I was just a victim of my mailbox! A thought crossed my mind as I reminded myself of living in the moment. I managed to get my friends back into a conversation. The others started arriving & the night was getting peppier. Hugs, laughter & memories filled us all. The night went ahead with some hearty conversations about school, our cricket team, teachers, exams & I was just consumed by the thought of how far we’d all come in life. A few drinks down, each one of us started spilling some bitter beans about life. Problems, problems, problems – we all have them. And the truth is, we can’t even do much about it. Why let it spoil all the good moments of our life- I wondered! Desperate to make the gloomy atmosphere lively, I broke into a dance, shamelessly. The others watched, wondering what I was up to. Seconds later, there were shaking legs & claps all over the restaurant. My friends joined in & we danced for hours together, making that night one of the most memorable nights of our life. The next morning, I had my phone flooded with messages by everyone thanking me for making them “Live the moment”. And I wondered –

“Live in the moment”- a phrase said and heard a million times. But what does it really mean? And does it even have an effect on us? I’m sure, like me, most of us just spare a minute, or maximum two, in comprehending everything philosophical & gathering that unshakable determination of following it as our mantra. The third minute, we are all consumed by worldly affairs. But is it all that difficult? Today, this moment, this very minute will only come once. We all go through busy lives, stress, problems, crisis, but we also have a zillion reasons to be happy & celebrate. Recognize the goodness of life & take every moment like it is all you got. Live today, everyday & don’t let anything steal your moment.

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