Love is an experience of togetherness

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Her alarm rang at 8 in the morning – A usual day full of responsibilities called her name. She went on with her routine. Watered the plants. Ran the washing machine. Prepared some steaming idlis & went on & on. Just when she was in the middle of all this, she stole some time to enjoy her cup of tea as she glimpsed through the newspaper. What was with the shades of red, she wondered. Hearts, balloons & Roses – Valentine’s day, she exclaimed! She sat back with a glow on her face as she travelled 20 years back in time. Yes, her loving husband had expressed his love for her on this beautiful day. An overwhelming silence followed. 20 years! She wondered if her husband remembered the day & brushed it off with an obvious NO! The bell rang & she dropped the newspaper to attend to her responsibilities.

Minutes later, her husband woke up. A lover of coffee, she brewed a fresh cup for him. He picked the newspaper like always & her heart started beating faster in anticipation. Surprisingly, the expressions on his face didn’t change. A little upset, she went towards the kitchen to plate breakfast for her family. Just then, her phone rang. Expecting it to be her maid who always skips work, she furiously walked towards the phone. An unknown number- “It isn’t the maid” – she sighed! She answered with a soft “hello”. On the other side, a lady continued – “Hello Ma’am. Am I speaking to Mrs. Dixit?” Another sales call – Her furiousness grew – “Yes” she answered. The next thing she heard made her jaws drop – “Ma’am, we hear that you are a lover of the sky & that you wish to see the world from top, is that true?”

Puzzled, Confused & Surprised, she took a pause & said “Yes”. What followed made tears roll down her cheeks – “Ma’am,  a promise was made to you by Mr.Dixit 20 years ago. Today, he wishes to take you up in the sky with him by his side. Your helicopter ride is booked for 4 PM. A chauffeur driven car will pick you up at 2 PM. We hope you enjoy your ride”

Amazed at what had just happened, she went to her husband only to find him holding the dress she had liked the previous week at the mall. “Happy Valentine’s Day” he exclaimed! Her children brought in a cake & she was at a loss for words.

Riding on a helicopter was a long cherished dream for her & she just couldn’t wait to experience it. They drove to the site & took off to a ride of dreams. An hour into it, she knew she had a story to tell. Overwhelmed by what had happened, Mrs.Dixit had tears of joy! This Valentine’s day was surely her best!

How did you celebrate yours? We’d love to hear! Tell us your tale & spread some love.


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