Bonds and Bonding

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“This Saturday, dinner at 8, I promise” he said as he walked out in a rush leaving his breakfast half eaten. His wife stood there & smiled hoping that this Saturday; his work wouldn’t play a villain to their plan like the last four weeks. Just as he was driving to work, he tuned in to the radio & voila! His favorite song played & he couldn’t stop humming to it. He blushed as he went back to the day he proposed his wife to the same song in the same car & memories started gushing in. He remembered how they first expressed their love for each other just in front of the Gateway of India & how hours of conversations followed after that. He clearly remembered how his then girlfriend, now wife, was in awe of the sea & how she desired to sail away on one of the many boats there. Just as the thoughts started pouring in, an idea clicked his mind. He remembered the promise he’d just made to his wife & her long cherished dream. A quick search on the internet & he got just what he was looking for. A quick booking & it was done. Time passed & the day arrived. The excitement doubled when he got a reminder call. He explained the kind lady about his surprise date plan & asked her if he could arrange something special. She explained him things he could do & he ticked all of them. He pulled out the shirt his wife had gifted him & got ready. He went out in the living room to find his beautiful wife set for the date. She looked nothing less than a wonder to him. Looking at her, he realized how he hadn’t seen her at length for a long time.

They drove towards their dinner spot as he played the same song & their eyes met accompanied by a mushy smile. Conversations flew but he brushed her off each time she asked about the restaurant they were visiting. After a long drive & some beautiful moments, they reached the gateway. Though she was surprised with the location, she wasn’t expecting what followed. He pulled out a black cloth, blindfolded her & walked her towards the dinner location. When he unfurled the cloth, her jaws dropped & she couldn’t believe what she’d witnessed. A fairytale setup- Table for two, Roses, Scented candles & a bottle of wine – all of it in a dreamy beautiful yacht! Her happiness surely knew no bounds. Amazed & startled, she looked at her husband. The glimmer in her eye is all that he longed to see & there it was. What followed was a night of bonding & love. They took off for a ride & enjoyed a good meal & there was a sight of a dream coming true.

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