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A hundred reasons to celebrate but only a few ways to do it. It all boils down to a dinner or a drive or clichéd banquet parties, doesn’t it? Let’s have a look at what we typically do on the big days of our life (read till the end to find out how we can do it a zillion times better)

Birthdays– Well, this one’s the biggest of all & hence it’s topping the list. Our big day, the only day in the year when all the forces in the world (or let’s say our loved ones) get into the mad whirlwind of making us feel special. There’s celebration & singing & fanfare & gifts. And of course a birthday dinner at some fancy restaurant, every year! But what if you had a chance to have your birthday dinner at a place you’ve never visited before?


Anniversaries- Oh, the god of special days as we all know it. Anniversaries are all about love, romance & the attempt at doing something better than the last time, ya? How about continuing to do what you did in a way that’s never done before & make it feel absolutely new & special?


Achievements- Promotions, incentives & reaching the top of the mountain are all achievements & are all welcomed with grand celebrations by all of us. We conquer something we’d been longing for & host a party for our favorite people to share & enjoy our moment with. But, what if you could bring in all the celebrations & more, in an absolutely dreamy set up that’d leave you with a lifetime of memories?


Milestones – The jubilees as our elders would love to call it are invariably some of the biggest days. The 25th, the 50th & beyond are all occasions that we love to bring in ceremoniously. After all, we aren’t just celebrating days, but also legacies. But what if you could ditch the banquet for a location that moves, that is open, airy & close to nature & one that justifies your excitement?


Life – Well, just like it ideally should be, a lot of us celebrate life & live everyday like it’s big. We find bliss in tiny things like meeting our favorite people, bonding over some drinks & conversations, seeing a new place, painting a portrait, clicking the birds & bees, dancing to our favorite tunes & just doing different things & doing things differently. But what if you could do all of this in an altogether new way that’ll fill you up with joy & bliss?


Well, now that you’re brimming with curiosity, let’s break it to you. What if we told you that you could cut your birthday cake, exchange a ring, celebrate your achievements & say cheers to life on a gorgeous yacht? Yes, you heard that right! A well-equipped stately yacht that’ll play host to you, your favorite people, your fancies & will leave you with a lifetime of memories. A yacht for you, and all your celebrations. Now that you’ve found yourself some major celebration goals, and you’re wondering where to book a yacht for your next big day, here’s your treasure-

Easy On Pocket

Big On Heart

In the lap of luxury

Party lover’s paradise



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