5 different ways to celebrate HOLI this year!

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If you thought coloured faces here & there is all that Holi has to itself, then you’ve surely missed a good chunk of fun for all these years. The festival has a lot many notorious angles to it that could be of great deal to you, if done right. Here’s how you can celebrate Holi beyond water & colours!

  • Bury the hatchet –

Yes, start your day with that. Holi is all about new beginnings & love, so why carry the past with you? Pick the phone, make that call, or even better- head straight to your ex-foe’s house & let the gulaal do all the talking!



  • Shake a leg-

We’re Indians & we feel blessed to have Bollywood to us, don’t we? With golden tunes like “Rang Barse” & “Holi Khele Raghuveera” playing from all corners of the city, you have all the reasons to get grooving & have the ones around you to join you too!



  • Make a move-

We’re a little too happy to mind absolutely anything on Holi. This is exactly why you must give up on your fear & make the first move. A little color on your hand & an honest smile on your face is just about enough to break the ice. And for the ones who don’t get lucky, Bura na mano, HOLI HAI!


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  • Let loose-

The holi & holy bhang makes a major comeback every year on this day & there’s no reason for you to miss it. Sip on some bhang & get into a happy space. And if you’re the no-bhaang kind, don’t hold yourself from having some cold thandai!


  • Go city strutting-

Take a walk around your city when the sun is down. Colour washed walls, happiness in the air & a sense of togetherness will surround you & put a perfect end to your happy day. What better?




Happy Holi!



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