5 things in life we miss celebrating!

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Life is like a rat race that we’re all running to win except that nobody knows where the finish line is. In our day-to-day life, we get too consumed by the fantasy of happiness to even recognize the real importance of having our share of lows. We’ve made celebrations synonymous to special days, occasions & achievements. Coming to think of it broadly, is that all that life has to offer? Or is it that we don’t wish to accept the other half of it?

Here’s a look at the things we can’t defy but fail to accept & our take on why they should be celebrated with equal fervor

1) Problems & struggles

We will have them & they’re important. Problems don’t necessarily have to be life-crisis. In fact, most of the times they’re not. They could be teeny tiny things such as a bad road when you’re on a journey. Think about it, when you reach your destination after a bad drive on a bad road, it makes the destination sweeter to you. Yes, the bad road just makes it better for you. There are always two sides to the coin. Always. Celebrate your problems for they will always lead to something better.



Hear us out before you decide to not agree with us. No, we’re not crazy & the history of legends stands testimony to this. Apart from the usual ‘failure helps you learn & failure helps you grow’ that you’ve been hearing, failure teaches you how to stand up when the mud underneath makes you feel like it’s difficult. And once you’ve learnt that, there’s no stopping. The beauty lies in bouncing back & believe us for one, no feeling can match that. Celebrate them!


3)Someone else’s high

Is it all that difficult? There’s always going to be someone who’s probably doing life a little better than you & there’s always going to be someone who isn’t but the point isn’t that. It could be difficult to see your best friend buy a luxury car while you’re still looking for a job but the flip side to this could be free rides in a luxury car & a lot of them for all your life. Not a bad deal, ya? Celebrate their highs with them & you will have them when you celebrate yours!


4)Missed targets

We’ve been targets of this nightmare called targets. It’s not your usual sales target. It’s a target, simply put. Reaching work in time, getting your meals ready in time, finishing your shower in time & managing time well in time, sigh! There are hundreds we give ourselves every day & it’s just natural to miss a few in the process. We celebrate the ones that we hit & sulk at the ones that we don’t. Start appreciating the fact that you tried & celebrate that over just a hit or a miss.


5)Life & the unnoticed blessings

You’re here. Online. Reading this on an electronic device. Let’s just let numbers tell you how lucky you are. Only about one-third of the world’s population has internet access & what’s crazier is the fact that over 774 million people in the world are not educated enough to read. You, my friend, are amongst the lucky ones. And just like this one, there are a million things that make you way more fortunate than half of the world. Take a moment to just celebrate life & these little blessings!


Give that a moment to sink in & take a vow to celebrate all things – big & small, good & bad.




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