5 REAL adventure experiences around Mumbai!

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Unlike the ones that Mumbai offers for free, here’s a list of REAL adventure activities around the city that you must try in order to awaken the thrill-seeking soul in you. Like all good things, these come with a price & like all good things, these give you a feeling that’s priceless.

Here’s a list of what we think should be on your wish-list. Take a look-


An experience as windy as it sounds, paragliding is an activity that takes you amidst mountains & lets you view the world with a bird’s vision. The ‘Tandem Paragliding Joyride’ at Kamshet is exactly that. With slots of 10, 15 & 20 minutes for you to choose from, this ride takes you through breathtaking sights of the hills & the sea from the surrounding areas while you’re flying against the wind. With an expert accompanying you throughout the ride, the experience will leave you thrilled & elated (literally).

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Jumping off a flying plane is real & it’s happening around your city & there’s no reason for you to miss it. Tandem skydiving at Nashik is a one of a kind experience that starts with a smooth fly onboard a plane to a height of 10,000 feet after which you take the plunge with a trained instructor. An exhilarating jump that’ll last with you for a lifetime, get your dose of adrenaline here


Helicopter ride 

If you’re tired of the city’s humdrum & want to take a break without going too far, the helicopter ride at Juhu will be your treasure. A 4-seater ride that’ll take you through the city’s iconic landmarks & allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the island from amidst the clouds, this experience is an all-in-one & is designed exclusively for city dwellers. Know more about this exotic ride here



Water adventure

A 3-in-one power-packed package that includes kayaking, stand-up paddle surfing & kite surfing is just what you need to beat the heat this summer. Designed to make your Saturdays perfect, the activities start in the morning & go on through the day with two small breaks for lunch & refreshments to fuel you up. What better?

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Hot air balloon 

If a day out with family only means ‘movies & meals’ to you, then believe us, you’re missing out. What we have on offer is a lot more different & a lot more enriching. A perfect one-day outing to Lonavala on a hot-air balloon ride is what we’re rooting for. Dreamy skies, picturesque mountains & pristine lakes with your family by your side is what you can expect from this ride, spread over a period of 3 hours. Make better use of your family time & an even better use of that drive to Lonavala with this one, & we assure, you’ll have a good time. Book your balloon ride here.


If the adventurer in you seeks more, then you must check out the other adventure activities on our list.

‘’May adventure find you & may you find it”

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