Here’s how you can re-live those good old days!

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As children, our summers have gone in happily tanning ourselves over repeat rounds of games like cricket, football, basketball, tennis and more. We’d start right after our shower & come back only when the sky was the darkest. But then, growing up happened & our summer games slowly got replaced with counter strikes & PlayStation(s) of the world. All of us would be lying if we said we don’t miss those good old days when we were treated to tall glasses of refreshing Rasna after a tiring yet exhilarating match. But, recreating those times isn’t all that hard. You’re in Mumbai & this city never fails to live up to its name.


Here’s how you can re-live good old (and some new) sports within your city-


  • Bubble soccer-

A new rage that’s picking up, this fun new sport is about fitting yourself in a giant inflated zorb & well, playing football. A fun sports session with a laughter riot for newbies, this one is sure to bring back the old days & all the good spirit. Try it to believe it.



  • Turf football-

The sun is killing & the thought of playing football under this sky-high temperature doesn’t seem like a good idea, ya? Well, Mumbai has you covered for that too. You can book slots for plush green indoor turfs across the city & re-live those muddy football days with your gang. Here’s where you can pick your slot-



  • Golf-

Don’t brush this off just yet. Golf is a real sport & not a fancy. You will be surprised to know that Bombay has one of the best golf turfs that invites you to come & play anytime without any membership. What better? They have coaching sessions to train you on the sport. Seems like a pretty good weekend plan, doesn’t it?



  • Water sports-

This could be your answer to the scorching heat. A fun four hour-session well within city limits has some fun water sports on offer. Rejuvenate over a round of sea kayaking, kite surfing & stand-up paddle surfing & gorge on some mouth watering sea-food. We haven’t heard of a better combination, have you?




We’ve told you where & it’s your turn to decide when. Each one better than the other, we highly recommend you to try all from the list.


Happy summers! :)







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