Things your partner secretly wants you to do

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Love is a cheeky emotion and comes with a hundred complications. Although we like to believe that we know it all, turns out it’s not the case. There’s a significant part that we miss even after hours of conversations with our better half. And that is something our partners want us to understand by ourselves. If you’re already wondering what those could be, hold it right there. We’ve done all the thinking for you.

Here’s listing everything your partner secretly wants you to do-

1) To have that awkward conversation
It might not always seem like a good idea, but believe us, it is. Every relationship, no matter how old, has some unexplored territories that your partner secretly wants you to enter by making the first move. Shun away all the apprehensions & spill the beans.


2) To read between the lines-
There are going to be times when your partner will expect you to do certain things and might not be entirely comfortable to give it away straight out. It’s for you to read between the lines & figure out what your partner really wants. You might have to understand and be absolutely okay with the fact that chocolate can mean ice-cream. (we know it’s tough, but yes, that’s how it is).


3) To show some respect-
True love stems from respect & this is the basis of every relationship. Even if you’ve been with your partner for more than half of your life, it’s important to respect your partner and treat them well at all times. Remember, it’s about growing together and growing old together.


4) To not play safe-
Because your partner is not your boss. Yes, there might have been times when you’ve tried to be funny in all innocence and found yourself in a war of sorts but that is not a reason enough to be an all-time-goodie. Speak your mind, your partner knows what’s on it anyway.


5) To support-

Although it comes across as something that’s a given in any relationship, it’s more often than not, the easily wronged one. Support your partner on all things- big and small. You might really want to go out the day your partner doesn’t feel like leaving the couch. That’s when you put your hands down, with a smile.


It’s all that simple! Get going already, all you lovers!


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