7 monsoon getaway ideas for the wanderlusting soul in you!

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Mumbai summers are far from the idea of bright shiny days that call for a stroll in the park. It’s about finding that one shady corner on the edge of the street where you could hide yourself away from the scorching sun. It’s about gulping liters on liters of water as you perspire most of it almost instantly. And when you’re in the middle of May, it’s just about shamelessly day dreaming the first downpour. Well, we’re there. Hopefully, a few weeks away from the first drops of rain & boy, we’re all so kicked!

But with Monsoons come responsibilities. One of which is a mandatory getaway.

Since we’re slowly trudging towards June, here’s a quick list on what you should do to make the most of the rainy days!

Rainy treks

A kick for any adventure junkie & a solace for any nature-lover, rainy treks truly make you one with nature. A typical rainy trek will involve treading through layers of lush green plants with wind and raindrops rushing through your face. It’s undoubtedly the best way to bring in the season.

Rainy treks

Water rappelling

If adrenaline is your way of enjoying a getaway, then add a thrilling water rappelling session to your list without a second thought. Walk your way up against the force of the wind and water and feel the rush flowing through your veins! After all, what’s a getaway without some madness?


Group bike-rides

Riding bikes during Monsoon is more about an emotion and we’ll all agree. Be it late night rides with our buddies around the city or long rides during the weekend to classic Monsoon destinations, rainy touring is an unmatched experience.  If you are new to this, join the bandwagon with the right set of safety gear & your favorite pillion to keep you company and you will have this on your monsoon list for years to come.


Bird watching

Trailing through shades of green and spotting some rare species of birds with the rain doing its job is the best combination you will ever know. Head to one of the many bird watching spots around the city and enjoy your nature trek as you witness some rare migratory birds flocking in all their glory!


Romantic drives

The sound of rain automatically sweeps in romance in one’s mind. Blame it on the dark gloomy skies or the classic Bollywood films, we can’t speak of rain without really putting in a word on romance. Drive to one of the many monsoon spots around Mumbai like Igatpuri, Bhandardara, Karjat, Khandala with your better half by your side and feel the love in the air, quiet literally!


Pool villas

Ever been in a pool when the nature’s pouring like there’s no tomorrow? If you have, we know you want to be there again and if you haven’t, believe us, you should. With a number of private pool villas near Mumbai having breathtaking infinity & valley-facing pools, you have all the reasons to getaway in style this time around!



Surrender to the spouting snow-white waterfalls that come alive at a few treasured spots around the city on your next getaway to take your monsoon-fun to an all new level.


The monsoon is just about to hit us. What’s your pick to hit back?




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    June 6, 2016 at 8:55 am

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    • Hopintown

      June 6, 2016 at 9:10 am

      Hey Rakshak, thanks for your comment!

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