Priceless Birthday Celebration Ideas To Add Soul To Your Big Day!

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Confess or not, we all look forward to our birthdays no matter how old we get. We feel like the day is all for us & we rejoice it with some priceless celebrations. Some of us like to check-in in a swanky new restaurant while some of us like to keep it low-key with a small home celebration with our favourite people. And the rest of us are stuck wondering what could be the best way to use the whole 24 hours.

Well, birthdays, as we all know, mark the day of our birth. It is a big day & deserves to be celebrated with great zest and enthusiasm. But it can sure go beyond the usual parties, balloons and cakes. Spend some hours of your special day doing something that will add life to your day and you will know what a true celebration is made of.

A few from our treasured list-

Make someone else’s day

For peace of mind & fulfillment of soul, do something that adds value to someone else’s life. Pay a visit to the little children at the orphanage or dish out a meal for your mother, just about anything that adds meaning to your day and a smile on someone else’s face.


Learn a new skill

The day is important, make it count. Pick up a skill you’ve been wanting to possess and learn it. Spend some hours learning something and you’ll add more value to your birthday each passing year with growing reasons to celebrate the big day!

learn a new skill birthday

Challenge your fears

Birthdays are not just about growing old. They’re about growing. Challenge your fears on your birthday & conquer them in all glory. Be it saying something to someone or jumping off a flying plane, the feeling of living your fear is unlike any other & it surely is the best gift you can give yourself.


Spend some time with nature

Birthdays are all about going from one place to the other whilst you answer a hundred calls. Don’t let your hours slip by without having a moment of thought amidst nature. Start your day with a nature walk or end it with the sight of a beguiling sunset, the choice is yours.


Spend some time doing your usual favourites

While birthdays are all about making your day special, it’s important to keep it real & not make it too overwhelming. Prepare your own breakfast & stay sincere to your routine guitar practice and keep your day as real as possible!

guitar birthday

Skip the pattern

Don’t follow the mandates of starting your birthday in a typical fashion. Stay away from blocking your day with too many plans in advance. Take it as it comes & live every moment to the fullest. The idea is to follow your heart and not the day’s plan.

nature birthday

We’ve told you a few coveted ways to add some more precious moments to your birthday. Let us know if you have a few too.

Drop in your comments; we’re all eyes!

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