8 Super Fun Ways to Bring In Your Next Birthday!

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Birthdays give you direct entry to the superstar league. You’re the hero and the day revolves around you. Your friends and family surround you and the day is all about merry moments that you live & cherish for years to come. But, that’s not it. We’ve all been through times when we wait for our or our loved one’s birthday for months together but fail to put together a plan that does justice to our excitement.

And for all those needy times, here’s a list of fun things you could plan for your birthday-

1) Chef-at-home

An out & out house party person? Well, there’s nothing good food can’t fix! Call for special chef services at your doorstep & indulge in some lip-smacking cuisine of your choice & gift yourself an unforgettable food experience. Top this up with a guitarist or bartender & be known for your hosting skills!


2) Yacht party

Mumbai blesses you with an easy access to all dreamy ways to celebrate your special days & a party on a yacht looks like it’s straight out of a swanky movie.Use a plush and well equipped yacht to bring in your special day & you will know what royal celebrations are made of.


3) Monsoon camping

If you’re born during monsoons, you’re truly blessed for it opens up a million more ways to celebrate your birthday. Do something different from the usual by opting for a monsoon trek & get drenched in the rains while you breathe fresh air amidst lush green hills.


4) Villa party

The outskirts of Mumbai boast of a number of luxury villas that make for perfect birthday celebration spots. A private villa, your favorite people and a mesmerizing view, what else are good days made of?


5) Chocolate spa

It’s your day & don’t let it slip away without a session of self-pampering. Book a rejuvenating chocolate spa for yourself and start your day with a soothing experience.


6) Explore something new-

Use your birthday for investing in exploring something new. Could be deep diving in the sea & experiencing the splendid world down under or learning a sport like golf that’s been pending on your list since forever!


7) Do a photo-shoot with your mom-

It’s all about creating memories & what better than capturing it forever? Do a photo-shoot with your mom & re-live your childhood days!


8) Give back to the society-

It’s your birthday & you have all reasons to be blessed and hence all the reasons to give back to the world. Spend some time from your day to celebrate with the ones in need & share your joy by throwing a party for little ones at the orphanage or sponsor education for the underprivileged. This one’s for the soul.


Well, we know it’s not just about ideas and we’re with you for more.We’d be happy to help you plan any of the above or anything else that’s on your mind.

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