Unique Father’s Day Celebration Ideas For The Best Man Of Your Life

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Father’s day is upon us & its that time of the year when the tables should turn, least for a day. It’s that time when his unsung deeds & endless efforts need to be celebrated. It’s that time of the year when we stop, turn around and say thank you for the life that he’s blessed us with. It’s that time of the year when we do a little more than just that. It’s father’s day & we have all the reasons to make it big for him.

He probably does not expect even a bit but he sure deserves the world.

A few ideas to make it special for the man who’s done more for you than you will ever know-

Plan a duo cooking session

It’s his day & it’s about his favorites. Bond over a fun cooking session and dish out his favorite cuisine and travel back to the days where you learnt every single thing under his love & support & make him re-live the days of you as a child. In all honesty, there’s nothing that he needs more than your time & a comeback of the good old days.


Arrange for a photo-shoot of him & you

He captured every single moment from your childhood and still pounces on every opportunity to flip the sweet old albums. Recreate those moments for him by arranging for a fun photo-shoot & capture candid moments between the two of you & make memories that will be treasured for life.


Set-up a private film screening

He has his list of favorite movies from the 70’s till the 00’s and nothing will probably light up his face more than a screening of one of those. Alternatively, screen the old family videos along with a cozy dining setup & guarantee yourself a ‘Happy Fathers Day’ memory.


Indulge him in a rejuvenating spa session

For every single time he’s chosen to walk only to see you travel by car, it’s time for you to pamper him. Send him for a relaxation session & have him indulge in a spa before you line up other things to make his day fun & glorious in all ways.


Make him feel young at heart

Because he’s willingly lost a hundred matches to see you win. Bring back the old days by indulging in a round of cricket or golf and make him feel that age is just a number and a good game is all it takes to feel like a child all over again.


Record his favourite song for him in your voice

Memories go a long way & if there’s something that actually works with the rewind-play formula, you’ve all the reasons to go for it. Take him to a live recording studio & sing his favorite song or better so, record a duet with him. This one’s sure to be an experience that will stay with him for longer than you can imagine.


Give him a classy makeover

And finally, it’s your turn to splurge while keeping your heart as big as his. Take him for a round across the mall & style him head to toe. Follow it up with a grooming and pampering session at home or at a salon & show him you care as there’s nothing else he wants to know!


Throw in a chef-at-home party

Throw a party for friends & family by calling in for a special chef who can prepare his favorite delicacies and help him have a great day amidst his best people & make it a day of happy moments for him!



It’s his day & it’s the effort that counts. Yes, it’s not about just a day, but a day isn’t bad to start with.

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