The Guy With The Guitar : A Love Story

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Mumbai monsoons bring along a bunch of simple joys for every Mumbaikar. Just as the month of June marks its entry, we wait with bated breath for the clouds to turn dark and shower us with love and rain. And year after year, we cherish the first drop of rain just as much.

This year was no different. The rain gods decided to end the dry spell on a rather calm Saturday afternoon. The dark clouds & lack of sunshine made the city rise in anticipation. And in all hopes, I continued to binge read on my favorite spot at the balcony with a breathtaking view of the sea.

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”                              

The chapter ended with this line. It stuck with me like my shadow. I went to refill my coffee cup but I was too consumed about what I’d just read. I decided to take a break with my reading & logged on to Facebook only to see monsoon and love all over my timeline.

Love! Why did I feel like I was never ready for it? Is it not meant for me? Will I ever walk in to the right person? What would it feel like?

Thoughts started pouring in & instead of letting them go any further, I decided to go for a stroll along the sea side. After a few rounds, I decided to sit at the promenade & enjoy the view. Although I’d always shun away all theories of monsoon & romance, the fragrance of wet mud, shared umbrellas, dark skies & a cup of tea between two was all a little too romantic to deny.

The rain travelled me through time & I remembered those days from my childhood when I would sing all day. I started humming to a few of my favorites sitting all alone by the sea. A while later, I heard someone play guitar synchronized to my songs. I turned around to find a gentleman holding his guitar. I smiled at him & continued to sing. He found a spot a few meters away from me, just about enough for my comfort. Without any introduction, we continued to jam for over an hour singing some old classics and some new hits.

Although unsure of what it all felt like, I knew I didn’t want it to stop soon. But god had other plans or let’s say, better plans. A chaiwalla passed by & we looked at each other almost unanimously agreeing for a cup. After over two hours of singing, we exchanged our first dialogue. The sun downed, the stars were up & the conversations were on.

And the rain that made me wonder if love was meant for me had me drown in it almost at the same time.

It does not need a prince on a horse, it does not need a studded ring, it certainly does not need an app; all it needs is some rain and a cup of chai.

Happy monsoon. Keep Loving.

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